"The worst was the third one. It was a violent dream. I forgot several details, but I can still picture it. I was waiting in the hall of a museum in Philadelphia. It was a dark morning. I can't remember what I was doing there, the dream started a long time ago, but I was busy and surrounded by people. Suddenly some come over to me. He told me that he had been trying to find me. G. has been found dead at home. Split in two pieces. Suicide. While I wondered how a suicide could be so violent, I noticed that I had a missed call from G. I felt awful, as if I had let him down. I began to inquire about the suicide when the dream changed. This part of the dream is less clear: I saw a house similar to the one I had as a student, cold and crumbling, close to the tramlines. I could see into the house from above, like a roofless dollhouse. Like I said, I forgot most of what happened, but G. was there. He became a fat lady. Quiet, silent, serious. Two men were in her bedroom, one was holding her down while the other abused her. Both men raped her and she didn't resist. Eventually, they will kill her. The worst thing is that she knew them. The abuse seemed accepted and brutal each time. I was one of the men. When I woke up at dawn, or when the dream woke me, I was trying to cover the traces of the crime. I was working on the images of the dream. I was seated at a wooden table, working on a photo booth series of the lady. Six square portraits in landscape, three by two. She was terrible serious so I was literally making up her expression with my red x-acto knife. I was shaping her flesh, as if it was clay, drawing a smile on her face. I changed the color of the skin and the extension of the muscles. Somehow the pictures were connected to a monitor on the table. When I changed something in the picture, it modified the image on the screen. Most importantly, the dream was also rectified immediately. I mean, the part of the dream I already dreamt. It was as if the whole dream was recorded on video and I had the power to edit it. I finished one image and went to the next. After telling you the dream out loud, I don't feel the sense of urgency and promise that I felt that dawn. But I was astonished to find a system to erase brutality from dreams. I hope I didn't bother you. I told you this dream because I was surprised by the return of this old concern, the suicide. And that is important."

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