"I have always hated fairy tales. They are cruel and boring. But they depict thousands of dangerous locations: haunted castles and bridges, mazes in forests, and caves full of water. Strangely, I have found these places later in life. I think that the body is shaped by geography. There are good places and bad places for shaping bodies, believe me. And Philadelphia is one of the bad ones. This is the reason I come here frequently. Last fall, I came to the city to build a monster. I began to research historical crimes and criminals, and I found that crimes were often located in the same black spots of the city. Sources of madness. I walked by those places daily. But I could not get further than this point. I could not choose a specific crime. Most crimes were irrelevant and I needed a criminal interesting enough to be a monster. I was stuck and exhausted. That was why I accepted my sister's invitation to visit her country house. I never thought my sister's place would strike me so hard. But maybe strike is not the most accurate word. The countryside was not bad. On the contrary, the nightmares I had there were from Philadelphia. It was a kind of handover. My walks through the countryside just shaped my dreams and helped me to finish my project. I wonder why it happened there. Nevertheless, the village has a strange geography. It is located on dusty hills. But these hills are, in fact, hollow and carved by groundwater. The village rests over a deep wellspring. So I was not surprised at all to find those tunnels."

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