"I don't mean your dreams for the future but your daily dreams. The dream you dreamt yesterday. Try to remember a simple dream. I tried to start with a simple one: I was in my living room, having dinner. So I tried to recreate that living room: first I recorded the room and it didn't work. Then I moved the room to another room, piece by piece, but it didn't work either. Maybe it was the weight. Furniture is heavier in dreams. After moving everything, I realized that the furniture was fixed in my dream. It would be impossible to move it if I tried. It was a solid block. And I was part of the block, too. I began to realize the importance of the place in my dreams. Both inside and outside, don't you think? That was clear to me after the winter. I told you that I had terrible dreams in a village near Castilla. I went there to visit my sister and I did not expect the place to affect my dreams. But it did."
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